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Gunnersbury Park Museum
Oral History Project 2004

100 Years of Griffin Park
The Memories of Brentford FC Fans

We would like to thank the wonderful Gunnersbury Park Museum for allowing us to make these edited and themed extracts from their 2004 oral history project available for people to listen to.

We highly recommend a vist to the Museum's archive to listen to some of the full interviews - they are a real treat. The late, great Alan Simpson [of Galton and Simpson fame] is just one of many fascinating interviews you can find there.

1. I'm a Beeliever

How do you explain your footballing faith particularly during the lean years? Brentford FC fans try to put it in words.

2. To Bee or not to Bee

From 'pot luck' to family tradition, fans recall how they became Bees supporters.

3. The Bees Knees

Closeness of fans and team is revealed through tales of the 'terrible twins' to hero worship at the feet of Gary Roberts.

4. BeeDazzled

The sights, sounds and smells of Grifin Park on match day are remembered.

5. Birds and the Bees

There has been success on the pitch for Brentford, just ask the ladies.

6. Beeing There

Griffin Park has hosted 100 years of competitive football. Love it or hate it, the ground is the heart and soul of Brentford FC.

7. Beelonging

Identity, community, friendship: Brentford FC means more than just football.

8. Busy Bees

Fighting a QPR takeover bid or running a fanzine, some fans take their support a little further.

9. Let it Bee

Young and old describe the excitement of being a part of the 'throng' of Bees supporters, a feeling of unity that's hard to maintain in the world of football today.