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Here are the first thirteen interviews that have been uploaded and have a written summary alongside them.

We hope you enjoy listening to them. There will be more along shortly.

Alan Hawley

Alan Hawley [Summary]
Brentford Player 1962-1974

Dan Patch

Dan Patch [Summary]
Brentford Fan

Kenny Raymond

Kenny Raymond [Summary]
Brentford Fan

Paul Stedman

Paul Stedman [Summary]
BIAS, ABeeC, Stadium Action Group, Bees United

Clare Peleschka

Clare Peleschka [Summary]
Landlady of the Griffin Pub

David Lane

David Lane [Summary]
Beesotted Fanzine Editor

James McGeoghan

James McGeoghan [Summary]
Brentford Fan

Brian Godfrey

Brian Godfrey [Summary]
Brentford Fan

Gemma Teale

Gemma Teale [Summary]
BIAS, Stadium Action Group, LGBeeTs

Marcus Gayle

Marcus Gayle [Summary]
Brentford Player 1988-1994 and 2005-06

Brian Burgess

Brian Burgess [Summary]
Bees United, Stadium Action Group, Community Trust

David Christie

David Christie [Summary]
Brentford Fan

Edward Cohen

Edward Cohen [Summary]
Brentford Fan

Jim Levack

Jim Levack [Summary]

Miles Weston being congratulated